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ETC Smartfade ML


If your church or small venue has decided to add a few LED or moving lights, you may need to think about a new console that can handle them. This is where the ETC Smartfade ML jumps into action.  Able to handle both conventional and LED/Moving lights, this is a great hybrid console with a small footprint and a powerful set of professional features.

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  • Memory-style operation
  • Up to 24 moving lights or dimmer/scrollers
  • Up to 48 intensity channels with multiple dimmers per channel
  • Encoders or fader controls for moving light parameters
  • 24 groups
  • 24 x 3 palettes (Focus, Color Beam)
  • 288 memories (24 x 12 pages)
  • 11 shape effects
  • 11 linear effects
  • Hue/saturation control of color mixing
  • Master fader and Blackout button




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