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It wasn’t that long ago that the traditional way to hear yourself on stage was through speakers laying all over the stage. The goal was to get it as loud as possible without creating feedback so you could hear yourself over all the noise around you. As a musician, your hearing is one of the most vital aspects to being able to do your job well. With all that sound beating on your ear drums at high volumes, is it surprising that this environment consistently leads to permanent hearing loss?

But what if I told you that you could protect your hearing AND have the best monitor mix you’ve ever heard?

Welcome to the world of in-ear monitors! Here are a few ways in ear monitors like this can protect your hearing and improve your stage experience:

  1. Creates a seal – blocking out ambient noise is critical to helping you hear your monitor mix more clearly. Molded in ear monitors are extremely efficient at this since they are an exact match for your ear, but even good universal monitors can achieve this effect. This reduces your need to keep turning up the volume to hear yourself!
  2. Studio quality sound and clarity – designed for live performance and use, quality drivers give you clearer sound that isn’t as harsh.
  3. Multiple Drivers – depending on your budget, you can get multiple drivers designed to only reproduce certain frequencies. This has a huge impact on the quality of sound! Ideally, two or three drivers are your best choice (and of course you can above that), but these options tend to balance quality and price for performance.

This is how good in ear monitors can protect your hearing! Add up all of these benefits and it enables you to keep the volume of your in ear monitors low, while still hearing everything in the mix, as well as blocking out the loud sound on stage. If you’re interested in experiencing in ear monitors, swing by VIP Production NW so you can hear some different options!

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