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VIP took center stage to light up the recent Wreck The Halls show at the Spokane Convention Center Star Theater featuring Bret Michaels, Warrant, Jack Russell’s Great White, LA Guns, RATT and Dokken.  Working with the Spokane Stagehands Union, Local 93, our own Ezra Gerlitz lead the crew to a very successful multi-band extravaganza.  Combining traditional 120 can conventional lighting kit with 26 moving lights, crowd blasters and haze, Ezra ended up as the lighting designer for all the bands leading up to Bret Michaels.  With doors at 2:30pm, the VIP crew and Local 93 rocked the load-in and set up.  The lighting was a huge success and recreated the great hair band rock shows of the 80’s.

This show also gave us a chance to put our new Chauvet Rouge R1 Hybrids to the test against Mac 2k’s and Sharpies in a true concert situation.  The results were impressive with the color saturation of the Hybrids outshining the other moving light fixtures.  We were also able to test the U.V. output of the instrument which cut through the wash incredibly well.  The ability of the hybrid to provide both wash and spot made it an extremely flexible addition to the standard kit with a variety of effects.

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