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Professional results with a local touch

Lighting Systems

From small club installs to full theatrical venues, our team will get it right.  Not only do we understand how lighting sets a mood, but how vital proper illumination can be.  We are experts in working with dimmers, controllers, power distribution, moving lights, color theory, and the McCandless method of theatrical lighting.  We can help you achieve the outcome within the confines of your venue.

Audio Systems

There is more to hanging speakers than grabbing some chain from your local hardware store and putting a few eyebolts in your speaker cabinet.  We understand rigging, speaker placement, signal flow, equalization and amplification to get the most out of your system.  We are professionals in audio installation.

We are bonded, insured and operate within the laws and codes of Washington State, including all Labor and Industry requirements.

Our staff includes: a licensed low-voltage installer, an Entertainment Technician Certified (ETC) rigger, and a highly-trained ETC technician.

Curtain Hanging

Dampening Sound, masking a stage, or closing your stage off to the audience entirely is more than just putting up a shower rod and taping on material.  We employ curtain installation professionals who understand structural integrity, site lines, travelers and curtain track.  We will interpret architectural drawings and make the adjustments to ensure longevity and functionality of curtain installations.

We employ professional technicians who have the training and skills to ensure your installation functions to its full capacity.

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