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High End Systems Road Hog 3 with Playback Wing


Designed to handle large rock shows, the Road Hog 3 W/ playback wing has 4 on-board DMX universes, 3 touchscreen monitors, 20 faders, and the option to run multiple cue lists at the same time.  This board is great for pre-programming a touring show, or lighting on the fly for a festival or one-off.

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  • Robust Wholehog Operating Software
  • Two 12-inch high-brightness color touchscreens
  • Backlit trackball with four configurable buttons for cursor and position control
  • Ten playback faders with familiar playback controls (Choose, Go, Pause, & Flash)
  • Internal Hard disk drive
  • Removable USB Flash drive included
  • USB ports for Wholehog playback and expansion wings
  • Real time clock
  • Desklights, feedback LEDs, and integrated worklight all dimmable


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