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ETC Express 48/96 Lighting Console


If your looking for a rock solid console for running a conventional lighting rig, Look no further than the ETC Express 48/96.  The console was the theatrical industry standard up until the ETC’s Eos line of consoles.  If you want lots of fader control with independent submasters, this is a great board.  

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  • 1024 attributes, 192 channels
  • Custom patch, 96 manual control faders, 10 pages of 24 submasters and programmable effects
  • 2 scene preset or 96 channel wide mode operation, 2 preprogrammable playback faders, bump buttons, spreadsheet editing and time code interface.
  • Has 2 DMX universes, a very well laid out external monitor display and ergonomically designed button layout.
  • Groups, macros, effects, focus points and basic moving light programming can all be achieved with this console.
  • Ships with one external 17″ LCD monitor
  • (2) DMX Output Ports XLR5, (1) Ethernet connector, (1) VGA port, (1) ETC Link port, (1) DB 15 Remote Macro port, (1) printer port, Midi In and Out ports.




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