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Chauvet SlimPar Pro RGBA


The benefit of the SlimPar is right in its name.  This RGBA LED fixture is slimmer than most and can fit into areas many other LEDs cant.  But despite its size it still has an impressive output and is great as an up light, truss warmer, or accent light.

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  • LED Par designed for any application in need of a high-power, low-profile wash light
  • Create a magnitude of colors with red, green, blue and amber LEDs
  • Produce a broad spectrum of colors and boost CRI with amber LEDs
  • Ideal for quiet applications due to silent operation and no moving parts
  • Flicker-free operation suitable for on-camera use
  • Achieve smooth LED fading with built-in dimming curves that simulate existing lighting
  • Ensure a secure power cord with the locking IEC power input (US version only)
  • Trigger eye-catching effects with built-in, automated programs via Master/Slave or DMX mode
  • Increase stand-alone versatility with multiple user-configurable settings
  • Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units
  • Emit a more concentrated beam for longer-throw applications using the optional narrow-angle lens




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